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The Office of Inspector General (OIG) set up the Fraud Hotline to receive reports of fraud, waste or abuse in GSA programs, including mismanagement or violations of law, rules or regulations by GSA employees or contractors.


Fraud Hotline Form

Submit a GSA IG Hotline Form. Use of the form will avoid disclosure of your e-mail address if you choose to remain anonymous.


1(800) 424-5210 (Toll free) or
(202) 501-1780 (in the Washington, DC metropolitan area).


Send an e-mail message to the fraud hotline. Please note that the e-mail address you send the message from will be transmitted to the fraud hotline.

U.S. Mail

GSA/OIG Investigations

ATTENTION: Fraud Hotline

1800 F Street NW

Washington, D.C. 20405



If you do not wish to disclose your identity, you may remain anonymous when contacting the OIG. However, our inability to contact you may limit our ability to do a complete investigation. We also honor requests for confidentiality, and we will protect your identity to the maximum extent allowed by law. Similarly, however, we may not be able to investigate the issue if you have confidentiality.

Please call the Hotline for detailed information about the special procedures used for protecting the identities of confidential sources. See also our Privacy Statement and note the privacy disclaimer below if you use a FraudNet Form or e-mail message to report allegations.

Privacy Disclaimer: Please be advised that any information submitted across the Internet is not guaranteed to be confidential because of the inherent openness of the Internet. Use of the Fraud Hotline Form will avoid disclosure of your e-mail address to the Fraud Hotline officer. Exercise discretion in sending sensitive material via e-mail because it can be intercepted by an outside party.

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Whistleblower Protection

Information to Include in the Report

No matter which method of reporting you choose, please include as much detail as possible by answering the following questions:

  • Who did it? Give the names of the individuals or GSA contractors.
  • When did it happen?
  • Which GSA program or office was harmed? Please be as specific as possible.
  • What did they do that was wrong? Describe the behavior or event in detail.
  • How did they do it?
  • Do you have first hand knowledge of the event?
  • Where can we obtain evidence of this event?
  • Who else knows about the event and how do they know?
  • May we contact you for additional information? If so, how can we contact you?

Complaints Involving Other Government Agencies

Information on how to report fraud, waste, or abuse involving other government agencies can be found at IGNet.

Last updated: 01/07/2022