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Hotline FAQ

What should I report to the OIG Hotline?

  • Violations of federal criminal laws, civil fraud statutes, regulations, and GSA policies pertaining to GSA programs and funding, including complaints involving GSA employees and GSA contractors. This includes, but not limited to:
    • Embezzlement, bribery, or other public corruption involving GSA funds
    • Serious mismanagement involving GSA programs or funds
    • Knowledge of fraud, waste, or abuse involving GSA employees or contractors
    • Whistleblower reprisal (if you are an GSA employee, also report reprisal to the Office of Special Counsel)
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Contract and procurement irregularities
    • Theft or abuse of government property
    • Employee misconduct
    • Ethics violations by GSA officials

What shouldn't be reported to the OIG Hotline?

  • If your complaint or allegation does not involve fraud, waste, theft, mismanagement, public corruption, or abuse involving GSA programs, funds, or employees, you may need to contact another federal agency for assistance. See contact information for all Federal Inspectors General.

What happens after I file a complaint?

  • OIG staff will evaluate your complaint and may refer it for further OIG investigation, audit, or other review. If we know your identity (i.e., your complaint is not anonymous), an investigator or auditor may contact you for additional information.
  • Please note that not all reports filed with the OIG will generate an investigation, audit, or other review by the OIG. The OIG may refer your complaint to another office within GSA or to an external entity, as appropriate. The decision to pursue a complaint or allegation received by the OIG rests exclusively with the OIG.
  • The OIG Hotline does not provide updates for information regarding the status of complaints or allegations.

What if the OIG does not open an investigation?

  • A large number of the complaints received by the OIG Hotline do not result in OIG investigations, audits, or other reviews because they do not involve GSA funds, programs, or employees, or they may require administrative action by a GSA program office. In these situations, we forward the complaint or allegation to GSA management or other government agency.

Where can I find the status of my complaint or obtain a copy of the Investigative Report?

  • Per our policy, the OIG does not discuss details of any ongoing investigation. This longstanding policy is in place to protect and maintain the integrity of any investigation. To obtain a copy of the investigative report, you will need to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Click here for information on filling the FOIA request.

What does “No restriction” mean?

  • No restriction means you choose to identify yourself in your complaint and you give permission for the GSA OIG Hotline to release your identity outside of the GSA OIG on a need-to-know basis to organizations as necessary to conduct an inquiry and take corrective actions.

What does “Anonymous” mean?

  • Anonymous means GSA OIG does not know your name or contact information. Your decision to elect anonymity may limit our ability to conduct an inquiry, if one is warranted, or to appropriately address your issue.

What does “Confidentiality” mean?

  • Confidentiality is a set of policies and regulations that prevent the OIG from releasing your identity outside of our office. You may request confidentiality at the time you file your complaint. Be advised that:
    • Confidentiality only applies to your identity, not to the information provided (i.e., the OIG may, if necessary, share the facts and circumstances provided by you)
    • You may later consent to release your identity
    • Your identity may be disclosed to other OIG personnel, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies or pursuant to court order or Congressional committee request
    • Your identity will be included in OIG files, memoranda, records, etc.
    • The OIG cannot control whether other persons you reported allegations or information to will protect your identity
    • Given the nature of the information you provide, other individuals, including coworkers, subordinates, supervisors, etc., may deduce or infer the OIG’s source of the information
    • A request for confidentiality may preclude the OIG from taking further action, if the information provided is of a specific or personal nature that action would require identity disclosure (e.g., a person alleges retaliation)

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